thanks craigslist

Every now and then I like to peruse the “free stuff ” listing on craigslist just to see what’s out there. There seems to be 3 things that are constant: couches, dirt & plants. The couches, uh no thanks; the dirt, I have plenty of that but the plants, yes please. Now even though I get a healthy discount on plants where I work (thank you Garden Tarts!) some deals are truly too good to pass up.

Some of our haul.

I saw a listing saying “different types of aloes and more available, come dig them up”. I wanted a couple varieties of aloe so my sister and I headed over with a medium size tub since I’m thinking, “I’ll grab a couple little things, nothing much”. But when we get there I immediately call my husband, “bring the truck!” There was so much more than I thought there would be. An amazing yard with tons of plants the new owner of the house wants to replace with California natives. She gave us another shovel and told us to take what we wanted. The best take for me was a bunch of agave attenuata or “swan’s neck” named for the graceful curve of the stem. I love the way even the larger plants have a delicacy about them and their particular shade of green is so appealing.

Before one lonely cactus.                     

A few hours later my helpers and I turned what was such a dead zone into a space that makes me happy every time I walk past which is often since it’s how you get to the front door.

After, ahhh…

Thanks craigslist!                   


Graptopetalum Paraguayense aka the easiest succulent ever!

A couple years ago while at Home Depot I bought 2 very small succulents; an aloe and a “I have no idea what this is” plant. I bought a large nursery pot to re-pot them in because it was cheap and I thought I can replant them later when I find a pot I like.

OK so time moves on, I never even looked for a pot and I have to admit I completely neglected these 2 plants, but really it was the best thing for them as you can see from this photo:

We all know Aloe is a great plant but who knew that the Graptopetalum Paraguayense or “Ghost Plant” was such a fantastic plant! What I really appreciate about this plant is that it makes you look good by thriving with little care and when a piece breaks off because you’re not paying attention to where your hose is while you’re watering other plants (when will I learn!) you let the end dry then stick it in the dirt and watch it thrive. I have other succulents that I’ve done that to but none of them as successful as this one.

Here are 2 that broke off the main plant:

Not much easier than digging a little hole in the ground and dropping them in! You can’t really tell from this photo but they both have formed this U shape while growing. It looks like 4 separate plants in the photo but there are only 2.

I know, I know you can’t have you’re whole yard overloaded with these things but they’re a good start to build your gardening confidence.

Next post I’ll talk about the stress of growing this one:

The plant not Cinderella!



Digging around WordPress I found this post. It’s such a beautiful thing that makes me smile whenever I look at it… how genius! And you know I’m going to copy it. But I’m thinking I have a lot of blank wall space that needs something and these lace fences would make great trellises for flowering vines. The knitting part will be easy, the hard part is deciding on the plant… hardy being the optimum!